Mack on the BeachSummer is here! We are all excited for the warm weather, vacations, spending time with our families and friends. We have a couple of things we would like you to keep in mind for your fur family members during this summer season.

  • Heat Stroke
    • Always have water and shade available at all times.
  • We can not stress this one enough: never leave your pet or child in a hot car!!!
    • It does not take long at all for a car to get hot (minutes in fact!). Please watch this video by Dr. Ernie Ward
  • Swimming
    • Be cautious as not all dogs know how to swim
    • As much as possible, do not let them drink the salt water
    • Dry them off well, especially long hair breeds to try to avoid hot spots
      • Consider cleaning their ears afterward if they are prone to ear infections
  • Mosquitoes
    • Mosquitoes can carry heartworm disease, prevention for heartworm is ideal
    • Most children’s mosquito repellent are safe for pets; spray your hands or a towel and wipe onto your pet
  • Paws and hot surfaces
    • Avoid, if possible, activity on hot surfaces, like asphalt, during extreme temperatures; this can cause injury to their paws
  • Avoid ingestion of gardening supplies, manure/compost and such; these may be toxic or cause gastro-intestinal upset

Remember, if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for you pet. Do you have any other tips you think we should share? Leave a comment.

Enjoy your summer!Boomer loves the frisbee

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