Old Age and Your Pet

"Just let me sleep Mom!"

“Just let me sleep!”

Pets are living longer than they have ever lived. Some reasons are: better access to medical care, more domesticated, better diets, etc. Just because they’re old, doesn’t mean they can’t have a wonderful, comfortable life. Age is not a disease

Things to help make your senior pet comfortable and healthy:

  • Routine blood work & wellness exams to catch illness early
    • How often depends on whether they have health issues, but usually every 6-12 months
  • Supplements like:
    • Green lipped mussel and glucosamine for arthritis
    • Omega fatty acids as an anti-inflammatory
  • Comprehensive oral health care
    • Dental cleanings
    • Brushing teeth
    • Dental diets
    • Dental chews
    • Maxiguard
      • A liquid used to clean teeth and gums
  • Diets
    • Some diets have added ingredients/supplements that will help with potential health problems. For example:
      • Royal Canin Mobility Diets
        • Great for large breed dogs & dogs with joint problems
        • Has added glucosamine , chondroitin
      • Purina Veterinary Diets Essential Care Senior for Felines
        • Has high protein to help maintain strong muscles and ideal body condition
        • Antioxidants to help support and maintain a healthy immune system
        • Great choice for “skinny”, older cats because the calorie count is higher than some other diets for overweight, older cats
"Can I have my treat now?"

“Can I have my treat now?”

We want you to be able to enjoy your pet for a long time. If you would like more information to help with that, please contact us (389-2121)!

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