Suggestions for Coping with Your Cat’s Destructive Scratching

Are you having problems with your cat scratching your furniture? Do you think declawing is your only recourse? We have some alternatives to help you and your cat deal with this normal cat behaviour.

Cats scratch to sharpen their nails, to leave their scent or to stretch their muscles. They will scratch around well worn paths in their home with their favourite textures being soft wood, fabrics, wallpaper and carpet.

How to Trim Cat Nails,BY ACRYLIC NAILS (6)Here are some tips to prevent damage to your home from cats scratching:

  • When they are kittens, start getting them used to being handled/restrained and seeing the nail trimmers
  • Soft Paws are like a nail cover, they can still do their normal cat behaviour but can’t do any damage with their nails
  • Use a low tack double sided tape or Sticky Paws to areas you want left alone
  • You can use an enzyme cleaner to remove their scent hoping they won’t return to the spot

Tips for scratching posts:

  • Offer scratching posts of different types and sizesHorizontal Scratching Post
  • Be sure to have a scratching post available before placing the double sided tape, and watch to see what they prefer (ie. if they are horizontal scratchers or if they are vertical scratchers)
  • Their favourite textures are wood, sisal rope, rough fabric, carpet
  • Offer different types of posts
    • Round, tall, short, angled
  • Place them somewhere convenient for the cat
  • You can add catnip to entice the cats to the area
  • If they have damaged an area or are scratching at a specific spot, you can place a scratching post in this spot, then slowly move it 1 inch every few days until you have it where you want the post to be
  • Cats often scratch after they sleep, so, place a scratching are near their bed (or the area that they sleep in)Scratching Post
  • Pinterest has some excellent scratching post diys

It can be frustrating to have them scratch around your house, but remember this is a normal cat behaviour. We can work to limit scratching to an appropriate area. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our care team members (389-2121).

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