Dr. Gordon Vessey

HI! I am Gordon, owner and senior veterinary care professional here at Maritime Animal Hospital. My desire to become an animal caregiver began when I was just a teenager. Many factors influenced my decision. Some memorable moments include the raising and caring for young animals on our mixed beef/hog farm to the death of our beloved Shepard mix when I was 13. I remember he would follow us wherever we worked. He would follow us across the highway to the potato field all day and on our last trip home, he did not make it back. Hit by a car and nothing I could do to help him was devastating. One other memorable experience came from the most unlikely person. A scruffy old man who would harvest our grain fields for us made an observation and stated that I should become a veterinarian because of my caring and helpful nature around our animals. The final factor came from work experience on a local dairy farm. Coming from a low-income family, I had to work off the farm to make money. This work experience for five years shaped and influenced my decision to take on the role of veterinarian and though it was hard labour, it still brings back fond memories.

From all these experiences, I had made the choice to attend veterinary school. The Atlantic Veterinary College arrived in PEI and I was to graduate from their third graduating class in 1992. I began my practicing career in Fredericton, NB at the Valley Veterinary Hospital, which provided me with two very important influences on my career. First was the challenging job in small animal medicine. I had entered vet school to become a large animal vet, however, my first job showed me the rewarding world of dealing with small animal pets and their owners. This new career was so diverse and interesting that it changed my focus. To this day, I still have a tremendous career and satisfaction in dealing with pets and their owners. I have seen many things in my twenty years in this profession and have many positive influences in my life. I have a passion for orthopedic cases and internal medicine and hope to further my career in these areas.

The second and more important influence came in the form of a beautiful young lady whom I worked with at my first job. Her name was Tammy, a super efficient, organized, fearless veterinary assistant. Her work ethic and positive attitude is amazing. She has a tremendous desire to help people and loves animals. Working with her in those formative years of my career has helped shape who I am today. We have been together for 21 years now and married for 10. We have had so many positive experiences together in this time, however the most important are our two daughters, Jessica and Katie, and our newest arrival, Bradley. My family means the world to me and I have taken time away from work in the last few years to spend more time raising my kids and being together. This is time that we cannot get back so we need to enjoy it while we can. My wife is expecting our third child in June. We are very excited. We live on a small hobby farm in the country with six cats, and a young dog (Willow). We have just adopted a senior mixed lab (Mac) to live with us to live her remaining years in comfort.

Together we started the Maritime Animal Hospital located at 1755 Main St, Moncton in 1998. Through a lot of long hours, family and friends we renovated and opened our hospital. It was very challenging in the beginning. We had to live in a small back room 24 hours a day tied to the hospital in some manner. Over the years, we have had many people enter our doors and greet each person as an opportunity to help them and ourselves grow. Our philosophy is simple, help the pet, help the client, help yourself to grow, understand and love veterinary medicine. See you soon!


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Photo of Dr. Gordon  Vessey

Dr. Susan Malone

It’s a common dream of young girls who are “horse-crazy” to want to be a vet when they grow up. I actually did it! My family background was farming- dairy & beef cattle, horses, pigs, chickens and lots of chores!

I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1985 and I have been fortunate to work at many excellent practices in Sussex, Saint John, Miramichi, Fredericton and Moncton. My 3 children are “out of nest”, leaving me with 2 cats, Kia & Rio. I recently moved from Fredericton to Moncton to join the exceptional veterinary team at Maritime Animal Hospital. 

I’ve been doing the same job for twenty-seven years- but it’s never the same day to day. I am inspired by the deep connection between people and their furry companions and my rewards come when I can help a pet through an illness and back to good health. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Photo of Dr. Susan  Malone

Dr. Paula-Marie Mather

I grew up on a 200 acre piece of farmland, though we had no barn or animals. My parents believed there was a mutual attraction between me and animals. I was always bringing home injured or abandoned animals to try to rehabilitate them, and as time passed, my collection grew. Even through my mother had significant allergies to animals, she still allowed me to bring them home. Often, they could be found sleeping behind the wood stove in the kitchen.

My fondest childhood memories are centered on this hobby farm. My grandfather taught me how to milk a cow and once my father even had me help deliver a calf. I member drinking hot chocolate with my mom while watching chicks hatch in our oven. I was already becoming the veterinarian I believed I would become. I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1987.

Today, my husband and I have two wonderful children, a Bernese Mountain Dog, Lucy and Tina our cat.

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Photo of Dr. Paula-Marie  Mather

Dr. Chantal Houle

Dr. Chantal Houle is a 2010 graduate of Atlantic Veterinary College, who went on to complete a rigorous internship in emergency and critical care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  During her internship, she obtained invaluable experience in the specialties of critical care, internal medicine, surgery, oncology, and radiology.  She learned to manage the most complex of critically ill patients under the supervision of world renowned critical care specialists.  Following her internship, Dr. Houle worked as an emergency veterinarian in Florida at a 24 hour veterinary emergency hospital, with a significant case load of cardiology patients.  She returned home to New Brunswick to work general practice and emergency in 2012. 

 Dr. Houle’s main focus is the comprehensive care of her patients, often working with patients who are balancing multiple medical conditions simultaneously.  She has transitioned from working in specialty and emergency practice and is eager to bring her knowledge to help you and your pets.

 Dr. Houle performs ultrasounds (abdominal, thoracic, soft tissue), as well as any emergency procedure.  She also has an avid interest in cardiology and oncology.  She has completed the Advanced Echocardiography Certification to perform echocardiograms and manage cardiac patients.  Dr. Houle has extensive knowledge of chemotherapy and follows protocols established by board certified oncologists.  

 During her time off, Dr. Houle enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and her miniature schnauzer Eddie. 

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Photo of Dr. Chantal  Houle