Hectorial May 1, 2015

Good day to all my friends. I apologize for being away for so long. I’ve been on another hiatus as it were, but I am back and ready for the blogging world again! Today’s blog will be concerning fleas… yes, … Read More »

Did you know….

A large group of crows is called a murder Very rarely do you see male calico cats Horses and rabbits can’t vomit Some puppies and kittens won’t lose all of their baby teeth and need to have them pulled If … Read More »

Did you know…

Hunting is an instinctive behaviour in cats but killing and eating the prey is a learned behaviour Cats and dogs (and many other mammals) use their ears as radiators to help cool the body, which is why their ears are … Read More »

Did you know…

A litter of cats can have multiple fathers A camel can spit up to 8 feet Dogs smell 44 times better than a human but have a relatively poor sense of taste Cats purr when they are happy but also … Read More »

Did you know…

Here are some more random facts. Did you know… Male dogs have nipples too Guinea pigs and people cannot produce their own vitamin C Dogs have a bone in their penis called an os penis Dogs have dewclaws because they … Read More »